Married to a Pedophile: A Father of Abused Children – The Rest of the Story

The last post I wrote was powerful.  It was also sad and heart wrenching.  It brought me and thousands of others to tears as we read the words of a father speak out about how his children were abused by the man I called my husband for almost forty years.  I haven’t slept a night through since this story was published.  Why?  Because I still find it so dehumanizing to think of what pedophiles do to children, and it is heartbreaking to me to know that this type of abuse goes on day after day while good, honest, caring parents are unable to recognize the abuse.  We must get better educated!  Continue reading

Married to a Pedophile: Bars, Mice, and Women!

This blog is about what it was like being married to a practicing pedophile for almost forty years — and not knowing it.  Look at the signs with me — the red flags — that were there all of those years waving at me begging me to look inside.  Get educated with me so that you can learn how to identify child predators before they stop grooming and close in on the child and molest.  If you’re new to this blog, please start here.

By now our house was filled with children, and I loved it!  I was so happy to be a mom that it was easy for me to get caught up in the wonderfulness of motherhood and push aside the lingering pain of so many years of odd happenings, hurtful experiences, and negligence that made up such a large part of our lives as husband and wife.  Sadly, as the years clicked on, I could sense the separation between us growing wider   Continue reading

Married to a Pedohile: Studying the Bible with a Pedophile

Thanks so much once again for continuing to read, digest this information, share, and comment.  I truly believe that our voices are being heard and will ultimately make a difference.

Last week we took a side-step from the progressing story of the red flags that I should have seen during my almost forty years of being married to a pedophile.  The subject of manipulation and spousal abuse is a bigger one than I imagined and deserves its own special attention.  After reading so many of your comments, I am beginning to understand the magnitude of not just pedophilia, but of abuse in general.  It literally breaks my heart. I’m beginning to understand more and more the emotional turmoil of so many people in bad relationships.  This kind of pain – emotional and physical abuse – leaves scars that run deep.  Clear to the soul!

Let’s continue today with the story of my life living with a pedophile.  Sometimes the weeks went along uneventfully and there wasn’t much that seemed out of the ordinary.  Other times there were things that stuck out and caused so many questions – questions that never really had good answers.

One such question to John was this:  “Why you are driving over one hour to pick up two mentally disabled girls to have a Bible study with them?  They don’t understand much of anything you’re saying, and you know that!”  Continue reading