Married to a Pedophile: The Aftermath of Abuse – Part 3 of “A Father Speaks Out”

So many people are under the false belief that once a molester has been caught and justice has been served, that the abused ones no longer feel the effects of childhood abuse.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions that society has about abuse victims, and it’s time to get educated about what really happens after a predator is found guilty.

Having lived with the mental abuse of a manipulative sociopath predator, I can tell you that there are long-term effects — the most difficult is that of trust.  But, this particular story is not about me.  This is the continuing story of a father of abused children who has willingly chosen to speak out so that others might be saved from the trauma and pain he and his family  are still experiencing.  Continue reading

Married to a Pedophile: A Father of Abused Children – The Rest of the Story

The last post I wrote was powerful.  It was also sad and heart wrenching.  It brought me and thousands of others to tears as we read the words of a father speak out about how his children were abused by the man I called my husband for almost forty years.  I haven’t slept a night through since this story was published.  Why?  Because I still find it so dehumanizing to think of what pedophiles do to children, and it is heartbreaking to me to know that this type of abuse goes on day after day while good, honest, caring parents are unable to recognize the abuse.  We must get better educated!  Continue reading

Married to a Pedophile: “I’m So Sorry. I Really Do Love You!”

Every woman wants to be loved.  That is a fact.  I’m not talking about just the physical act of love, but women want “relationships.”  Women want to know that they are loved by one man and that he is hers exclusively. Women respond to the word love — even when it’s not spoken.  Sometimes just holding a woman’s hand is enough to make her feel genuinely loved.  Women are emotionally wired to crave love!

And, when we crave a love relationship, we are blinded to the truth.

And, as I look back over my married life, I was no different.  I craved love, too.    Continue reading